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Luciiid came out of a realisation that higher education had changed. That the experience of being a student in the third millenia is not remotely similar to what academia looked like two or three decades ago.

The fact that systems have changed so much means, that it is really hard to get real advice, because the circles of adults surrounding you might simply not understand what you’re going through. They know a different world. Not the one you are trying to navigate.

and within university? there is simply not enough support to promote a real and meaningful educational journey.

You get stuck on nonsense: bureaucracies, simple misunderstandings,

ambiguous communication and mixed messages.

There are so many stakes with higher education today – you invest a load of money and time, with a hope of getting a degree that will get you somewhere, and in the end you find yourself in another cumbersome educational experience that is nothing like what you have expected or wanted, and is far from allowing you to flourish and really discover who you are and what you want right now.

There are so many reasons for that.

Firstly, no one is born knowing how academia works, and now it is even more difficult to figure out, especially since everything had changed so much, whoever is out there giving advice, is sometimes just out of date or simply doesn’t understand the pressures of going through all that.

Second, many of us travel wide and afar for our education. We need to deal with a new academic environments, but also with all the struggle of moving into a new place: language barriers, cultural differences, sometimes it is as simple as not being able to find our favourite food any more.

This is a globalised world. And this had changed educational experience. But very rarely do universities give attention to that and you simply find yourself drowning in your own mental soup.

Third, the gaps between the academic levels required in high school and college, and those required in university, can sometimes be quite wide. Everything is depending on where you’ve done your previous educational and what you are used to.

But educational environments are so different from one another- that it is sometimes difficult to simply understand your bearings and how to navigate the system, how to identify difficulties and get around to dealing with them in real time.

Last, you can say many things about us millennials, but one thing is sure, we’ve got our feet on the ground, we’ve got a head on our shoulders, and they just want to get things done and over with. We are achievers. we want to sail through this world and succeed.

But we’re not all that shallow. we do crave meaningful encounters and experiences. we have a lot going on inside us. we need to deal with self-presentation like no other generation before us, we are under constant watch, we are asked to question our identity and belonging every single day. We are under a lot of pressure to be anything else but ourselves. But we fight to find a connection to our true authentic identities.

In Luciid, we believe that higher education should be exactly about that. We are here to help you carve your path through this world, not just follow a predetermined route.